Bathing Your Dog

Bathing your dog is just one part of pet grooming. Dogs, just as with every pet, get dirty and stinky, and would require a good washing. However, unlike humans that need to be scrubbed everyday to stay clean, there is no established guidelines on the frequency of your dog’s bath. There are several factors that should be considered when deciding the frequency of the baths that you will give to your dog. It is important to know these factors in order to keep your dog clean without compromising their health.

One of the factors to consider is the dog breed: dogs with harsh-textured fur or coats don’t require frequent bath because they can withstand dirt better than the soft-coated dog breeds, while those without undercoats may need to be bathed on a weekly basis. Likewise, it is important for dogs with thick, double coats to be brushed frequently to avoid hair tangling and eliminate loose hair. Brushing your dog’s coat or fur ensures that your pet’s natural oils are properly distributed.

Speaking of natural oils, one of the main arguments on the frequency of a dog’s bath is the concern of stripping off of their natural oils – their natural protection. Nevertheless, dogs still need to stay clean. Dogs absorb environmental allergens through their skin, therefore to prevent skin itchiness weekly bathing can prevent the allergens from being absorbed into the skin. In order to protect your dog’s fur, make sure to use shampoos meant for dogs; human shampoos can be drying or too acidic for dogs. If your dog engages in a number of outdoor activities, then it would be best to take regular bathing schedules. This is to ensure that the accumulated dirt in your dog’s fur is washed up. This is especially important if there is someone living with you who are allergic to dogs or fur.

If you are not confident enough to give your dog a proper bath, the website of Walk! ATX says that you could consider going to professional pet grooming salons and centers. Certain dog breeds may require more grooming that only professional dog groomers can provide. These pet grooming salons or centers can also provide other services such as nail trimming, trimming around the eye area, express anal sacs, and many other grooming necessities. Bottom line is, bathing (and grooming) your pet is an essential part of their health and ensures that they are kept healthy, clean, and away from dangers of parasites and skin irritations.