The Deal with Scooter Accidents

If you live in a major city (or if you just watch the news), chances are high that you have heard about or seen these new electric scooters popping up around the country. They can travel up to twenty miles per hour, they offer little protection, and there are very few laws or regulations concerning how to ride them safely. What could go wrong?

It is safe to say, the new electric scooters are a nuisance in the eyes of many local governments. Many electric scooter companies, like the two most famous, BIRD and Lime Bikes, will suddenly show up to a town with truckloads of the scooters. Then they will simply drop the scooters off at popular parts of the city without warning or discussions with local officials.

This business model combined with the very design of the scooters themselves are prone to disaster. In this article, I will describe in greater detail the safety risks associated with electric scooters. I will also discuss electric scooter accident injuries:

How are electric scooter accidents caused?

As with all traffic safety questions, the exact reason that electric scooter accidents take place is usually ambiguous; a combination of weather or driving conditions and human mistakes. However, there are some common factors that usually result in an electric scooter accident.

Speeding on an electric scooter is bound to end in tragedy. They are simply not meant to keep up with traffic or other types of vehicles; the handling on the scooters becomes terrible at higher speeds! Additionally, the scooters are likely to malfunction (either the brakes, accelerator, or the ‘board’ used to stand on) at higher speeds. Riding the electric scooters in inclement weather or on wet roads is also a bad idea.

Other factors, of course, include drivers of cars or trucks driving with distractions such as texting or messing with directions.

What injuries come from electric scooter accidents?

According to the Jurewitz Law Group, some of the most prominent injuries from electric scooter accidents are related to head trauma or spinal cord injury. This makes sense, because of the exposed vulnerabilities present from the electric scooter accidents; helmets are not required and if you crash, it is likely that your spine or head are going to come into rough contact with the concrete below.

Other injuries also include severe cuts or lacerations from the road, bone dislocations, and bone breaks.

What do I do after an electric scooter accident?

The first step, as anyone can tell you, is to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Even for smaller or minor injuries, it is important to document the effects of the accident on your health in case you want to pursue legal action later. Simply saying, “I hurt my shoulder” will NOT be sufficient if you want to pursue action against a truck driver, for example, that injured you.

After going to the hospital and describing your injuries, it is in your best interest to think about hiring a lawyer. Even if you do not go to court for the accident, it is beneficial to have a lawyer to discuss the claims process with insurance or to more generally walk you through the legal process after an electric scooter accident.